European Biodiversity Conference & Belleuropa Award 2017

European Biodiversity Conference & Belleuropa Award 2017

The Belleuropa project was created by Giuseppe NATTA, a leading environmental figure and son of Nobel laureate Giulio NATTA. The idea was spearheaded by Gruppo Ecodeco, a leading Italian firm in the environmental sector.

The Belleuropa Award recognizes the exceptional initiatives undertaken by private land-managers and public-private partnerships in the protecting and conserving local landscapes and wildlife.

It promotes sustainable business models based on responsible agriculture, rural tourism, and the promotion of low-impact products or activities.

The Wildlife Estates presents the Belleuropa Award to the winning candidate as part of the European Biodiversity Conference, which takes place in the European Parliament every year.

The conference gathers land-managers, policy makers, NGOs and industry representatives to discuss the participation and role of land users and land-managers, as well as agro-industries, in the protection of biodiversity.

This year the conference will take place on the 5th December and will be hosted by Dutch MEP Annie SCHREIJER-PIERIK.

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